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Why the fourth round might be the best part of the draft for the Baltimore Ravens

While all eyes are on the Ravens' first selection, the real fun won't begin for a few more rounds.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the Ravens possess a top 10 pick has been the center of lots of discussion for months now. It's a big deal for a franchise that both prides itself on quality drafting, and seldom gets a turn at the podium in the early first round. While the Ravens have a chance to land a franchise player in the early first this year, the team won't begin to do its real damage until the later rounds.

In addition to an offseason of epic proportions, with a couple of uncharacteristically big signings, the Ravens also have an excellent opportunity to replenish via the draft. In the fourth round alone, Baltimore has four picks, three of which occur in a span of just four selections. That's music to the ears of the Ravens' front office, as they've built their team by acing the draft.

Previous notable Ravens selected in the fourth round include Buck Allen, Brent Urban, Lorenzo Taliaferro, Jarret Johnson, Kyle Juszczyk, and Dennis Pitta.

With the draft class deep this year, and the Ravens undoubtedly scouting harder than ever, there's no doubting that 2016's draft class could be one of the best in Raven history.