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Offseason Discussion: Best Logos in the NFL

What logos make their football team look the best?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

We've now entered the desolate offseason of the football year. With the hubub of the combines gone, and the magic of the Super Bowl long gone, the barren hiatus from football has reared its ugly head. And with the boring offseason comes the typical discussions and the same questions.

So here's one for you; which NFL logos are the best-looking? Here are my top three.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills' logo is classy, timeless, and not too flashy. It's easily recognizable and shows the team's mascot, with a touch of menace as well.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings' logo is masculine and rugged, just the kind of words you want associated with a football team. In addition, the team's 'Norseman' really adds to the Nordic theme the Vikings have going for them.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders' signature logo is not only one of the best in football, but it has also transcended to hip-hop and fashion culture as well. Largely thanks to the fact that the team has barely changed their appearance over the past few decades, I wouldn't be surprised if this logo was just as recognizable in twenty years as it is now,

So tell us, what are your favorite logos in football?