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Breshad Perriman is still an Unknown for the Baltimore Ravens

Let's not expect him to set the world on fire.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the only thing that one can be certain of when Breshad Perriman is concerned; the man can run. Before his injury he had reportedly made strides; the matter of fact Perriman is still a rookie and has not played a snap, pre or regular season.

Knowing this and knowing Michael Campanaro cannot be relied upon, it is a fair question to ask, even with the signing of 30 year old Mike Wallace, is receiver depth should be addressed. A late round prospect with kick return ability and deep speed could be the answer.

Kolby Lisentbee is an underrated deep threat who did not get a lot of targets while playing at TCU. He could be a good back-up plan in case Perriman failed to perform.

The expectations should be for Permian to perform like a rookie. There will be highs and there will be lows. If he is forced to be be the featured wide receiver, things will not end well.

The acquisition of Mike Wallace should mean Perriman is to be eased in to the lineup. It gives the Ravens a chance to work him in as a potential number one receiver, who runs all the routes and beats defenses at every level, instead of him being thought as the like-for-like Torrey Smith replacement.

The Ravens should take their time developing him, since they do indeed have time. There is no rush and the opportunity is ripe for the team to finally overcome their seemingly snake bit ability to develop homegrown wide receivers.