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Joe Flacco Signs Extension, According to Reports

Per Adam Caplan, the Ravens QB has agreed in principle to extend his contract and provide cap relief for his team.

Imagine the fanfare the he will see when he next appears.
Imagine the fanfare the he will see when he next appears.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Now, there is even more reason for Baltimore to hail Joe Flacco as a hero.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan is reporting that Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco has agreed in principle with the Ravens to a 3 year contract extension.

Team Flacco, his representatives led by agent Joe Linta, have been meeting with Ravens representatives since the NFL Combine this past weekend. To have ironed something out is good news all around for the people involved.

The deal ostensibly will allow for the Ravens to have some cap space to sign other free agents, as well as their own. This answers some of the slight frustration that Ravens fans have expressed while seeing other deals for marquee players come through.

Baltimore Beatdown will keep you updated as the details of this deal surface.