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Sam Bradford and Tom Brady can get a deal done, why can't Joe Flacco and the Ravens finish a re-structure?

The beloved Baltimore QB and the Ravens still haven't worked out a re-structure deal

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

News broke about Tom Brady signing a two year contract extension on the Leap Day. Yesterday Kirk Cousins was franchise tagged. Yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford signed a new two year deal. All quarterback news that none of us wanted to hear. We all want to instead hear about Joe Flacco and Ozzie completing a new re-structured deal which could help put the Ravens up higher than dead last on cap space.

The longer this drags on, the worse it looks by both sides. Ozzie can't seem to close on a deal. The front office had worked out his initial contract with the ideology that re-structures were going to be happening later on down the road. Now it's not happening, and the Ravens are taking all 28.55 million dollars worth of cap hit all at once.

This also doesn't look from fans views on Joe Flacco. We all expected our first franchise quarterback to help out a bit. The Baltimore Ravens are wanting to pay the man over 100,000,000 million dollars. Yes, I typed it out long form to show just how many zeroes that is. It's an obnoxious amount. Now a little bit of help from the man could help protect him from another injury, similar to the current ACL tear.

The Ravens are rumored to be cutting Eugene Monroe. The Ravens are expected to lose Kelechi Osemele in free agency. This means James Hurst, the literal worst ranked NFL player for PFF will be "protecting" him. Maybe Flacco should help work out a deal for his benefit.

To my knowledge, most re-structures include extra guaranteed money, which gives Flacco that many more millions up front. Why wouldn't this work?

Down the road Flacco wants assurance that the Ravens want him, and receiving more money now rather than later puts a disadvantage in the later years. The Ravens will have the ball in their court, and Ozzie or Eric with leverage is something Joseph could be worried about.

Either way, this looks bad on both sides, and the Ravens should accomplish either a contract re-structure or announce no changes in Flacco's contract.