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The Baltimore Ravens should avoid released receiver Marques Colston

Barring veteran minimum contract, the Ravens shouldn't be dealing with another contract

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of New Orleans releasing long-time receiver Marques Colston I was sent messages and texts almost immediately asking whether or not the Ravens should jump on the opportunity. I replied to all of them no, at least not worth a contract above league minimum.

Setting the record straight, I have been a big fan of Colston for years. His consistency and allegiance to the Saints is something to respect. But with Marques being cut due to a failed physical isn't what Baltimore needs.

The veteran has exactly a decade of work; in total 711 catches, 9,759 yards and 72 touchdowns to be proud of. These numbers make any Ravens fan drool, with receivers never panning out for us. We need to realize though this is a league that cares not about your past. Look at Peyton Manning, rumors are spreading of his desire to once again play, and immediately following are fans and analysts expecting Denver to cut or trade (if in any way possible) the Hall of Fame quarterback.

The National Football League is what can you do now? What have you done lately? Can you play? And in a short answer, no.

Marques Colston has steadily dropped in skill, clearly looking at his numbers will prove that. Since 2012 Colston's drop off has been enormous. Others will say "it's because Jimmy Graham and Brandin Cooks". No, his skill level no longer was worthy of being the #1 or #2 receiver. Therefore he went from 83 catches, 1,154 yards and 10 TD's (2012) to 45 receptions, 520 yards, and 4 TD's. He's lost a step. His production has been halved, and in the Saints offensive scheme built around passing still bolsters his numbers. In the Ravens scheme Marques Colston would not do well.

If for some reason Marques came to the Ravens, Ozzie would only do it on the grounds Colston signs a veteran minimum contract with no dead money. That just won't be happening.

Therefore, Ravens fans, do not expect to see Colston wearing purple & black.