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The BB Simulcam: 40 Yard Dash of Ravens Targets

Ramsey. Miller. Hargreaves. Thompson. Skills targets whose names have floated around Ravens nation. Who is the fastest, the quickest? See here.

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Not to be outdone by the latest craze, Baltimore Beatdown has your back.

Below is a video of the initial 40 yard dash efforts of four top Ravens possibilities from the NFL Combine.

The players are Braxton Miller, Vernon Hargreaves III, Darian Thompson, and Jalen Ramsey.

If only LaQuon Treadwell had run.

The video is tricky because the camera angels from NFL Network were not exact. But it does afford a decent approximation of strengths. See for yourself (warning: you will have to watch it more than once.):

40 Yard Dash Mash: Ravens Skill Targets from chrisbraven on Vimeo.

The actual times:

In the video, we tried to keep Jalen Ramsey in the forefront. Clearly the camera angle on Braxton Miller exaggerates his performance a bit, but his burst and his overall speed are actually that good. If you watch Darian Thompson closely, you'll notice that he is a tad behind. Just a hair. Hargreaves keeps pace decently, but doesn't seem to keep up with Ramsey and Miller.

We will try to get a cleaner video posted here soon. For now, it's fun to look and imagine. That kind of speed kills and changes games.

Perhaps that is the kind of speed the Ravens need, right now.