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NFL won't change catch rule

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's most controversial ruling over the last two years has been what determines an NFL catch. From what has transpired over that time, it is clear that nobody around the league is completely sure about what a real example of a catch looks like. It's really funny when you think about it. Arguably the biggest fundamental rule in the sport doesn't have a clear distinction of what looks like a catch and what doesn't.

NFL's Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino believes that the league will keep things the way they are in this situation.

"Nothing has been finalized, but my sense is that there will be no change to the rule or tweak of the language," Blandino said noted in a email via "We will certainly continue to use video to educate in this area."

One would believe that if you have two feet down in the field of play while in possession of the football, that should be enough. Apparently it isn't. ESPN Analyst Bill Polian believes that player safety has a lot to do with why the catch rule has been such a hot topic as he discussed via

"If I catch the ball and I have two feet down, but I have not yet put myself in position where I can protect myself, in that period of time, I think I do not have the elements of a catch...And traditionally, on bang-bang plays, it's no catch because we don't want cheap fumbles and big hits on receivers. Defenseless player and catch/no-catch are Siamese twins."

One could argue that the catch rule is cheap already.