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The Value of Ezekiel Elliot

The addition of Mike Wallace makes his potential selection intriguing

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel will be knocked for not being Todd Gurley. Critics will point that out as his only weakness?


It is a lazy and obnoxious statement. You cannot knock a player by saying he is not as good as a generational talent. It is not a fair assent and is not a fair evaluation.

Now on to Elliot, specifically.

He is a complete back. When looking at the film, it is hard to find any weaknesses, likely due to the fact that there aren't any. Elliot is as clean as they come.

His ability to jump-cut from gap to gap, from closed running lane to daylight is the best I've ever seen in four years of watching draft cut-ups. He always keeps shoulder length width in his pass-blocking base, and possesses the strength and the technique to absolutely stonewall blockers. He shows consistent, soft hands out of the backfield, and in turn causing defenses to leave him one on one in space against defensive backs. Mismatch.

Much more could be said about Elliot's game itself. Check him out for yourself at I recommend the game against Oregon.

With Mike Wallace on one outside and Breshad Permian on the other, the Ravens are going to force safeties to stay. in two deep coverage. Defenses will be forced to either leave one of Steve Smith or one of the three tight ends single covered or on the other hand, lighten the box to a count of six. Six in the box. For a running back of Ezekiel Elliot's caliber this is the equivalent of a morning jog.

An offense with Elliot in the backfield could resemble the one the Ravens trotted onto the field during the great 2012 Super Bowl run. Elliot brings the same all around, versatile skill set that Ray Rice brought. It would truly force defences to pick their poison when playing the Ravens.

That fact alone makes him worth the number six pick. He is a prospect with virtually no bust factor which in turn almost guarantees him to be productive for his rookie season and the subsequent 10.