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Baltimore Ravens 2017 Compensatory Picks Tracker

Several transactions have occurred over the last week that could effect the Baltimore Ravens future compensatory picks. Chris Givens and Brynden Trawick are the latest former Ravens to sign with new teams...

Since the compensatory picks program began in 1994, the Ravens have been awarded 47 extra draft picks, ten more than any other franchise in the league.  The compensatory pick formula only includes unrestricted free agents signed to new teams and smaller sized contracts cannot earn comp picks, but can cancel out other signings.

Most assumed the loss Kelechi Osemele, one of the best offensive lineman in the league according to Head Coach John Harbaugh, would result in a 3rd round comp pick in the 2017 draft.  This comp pick could be even more useful than usual since comp picks will be tradeable for the the first time in 2017.  But the Ravens have been more active in free agency this offseason than expected, leaving some questions about their potential for comp picks next draft. The departure of Chris Givens might safeguard some compensation for Osemele, but based on the released contract terms it is looking unlikely.


Eric Weddle = 4-year contract at $26 million with the Ravens, projected to be worth a 5th round comp pick

Ben Watson = 2-year contract at $7 million with the Ravens, projected to be worth a 6th round comp pick


Kelechi Osemele = 5-year contract at $58.5 million with Oakland, projected to be worth a 3rd round comp pick

Matt Schaub = 1-year $1.75 million contract with Atlanta, projected to be worth a 7th round comp pick


Chris Givens = 1-year contract with Philadelphia, exact terms have not been disclosed, projection unknown


Courtney Upshaw

Chris Canty

Jimmy Clausen

*Projections courtesy of

Safety Brynden Trawick signed on with Oakland, but does not qualify to be included in the comp pick formula since he was a restricted free agent.  Mike Wallace was released from his contract so he does not play, neither would Daryl Smith or Will Hill since they are both cuts.

Last season, the cutoff for qualifying was approximately $1 million average salary per year, and based on that it is unlikely Chris Givens will qualify based on his reported base salary. Best case scenario for the Ravens, some team offers a large contract to Courtney Upshaw, Indianapolis was rumored to be a potential suitor and Courtney is visiting the New York Jets on Thursday.  Canty and Clausen could possibly help the Ravens earn a better comp pick if some team with excess cap space elects to overpay them.

Hopefully Upshaw makes big enough money on the open market, at least assuring the Ravens of the best compensatory pick possible for Osemele and possibly earning a second comp pick for 2017.  At the end of the day, helping to cancel out Weddle and Watson's contracts may be the biggest contribution Schaub and Givens made to the Ravens organization.