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Highlights from Eric Weddle Introductory Press Conference

The newest Raven met the press with Coach Harbaugh and pulled no punches.

The Beard has arrived.

Eric Weddle arrived with Coach John Harbaugh to have his introductory press conference on Wednesday afternoon, and his intensity and focus was clear.

"I'm not Ed Reed, I'm Eric Weddle. And you're going to get the best Eric Weddle."

Weddle made it apparent what was motivating him. ""When it comes down to it, coming from a place that didn't want me to a place that would do anything to get me, it means the world," he said.  "I'm forever indebted to this organization of playing my best and doing whatever I can to help win."

The mood seemed strong and positively focused as he sat next to Coach John Harbaugh.

"I feel like we have a chance to be a championship football team," Harbaugh said.

Weddle liked the pursuit and intentionality of the Ravens. "I've always envied Ravens success ... This is a team that gives everything to each other," he admitted.

The inevitable question for Weddle was about his beard. He named his Twitter account after it, even (@Weddlesbeard).

Perhaps this was meant to be all along. Weddle's favorite color is Black, and his wife's favorite color is Purple.

"I want to be great. I want to be the best. I want to help my team win." Weddle held nothing back in his first presser as a Raven. His excitement seemed genuine and fresh. "The blood is flowing through me to win for this organization."

With a mixture of well-delivered jokes and intense motive-sharing, Eric Weddle whet the collective appetites of Ravens fans and perhaps is more excited than they to get on the field and prove it all.