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Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Chris Givens visits the New York Jets

The young wide receiver still hasn't shown he is more than a one trick pony...

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have signed veteran wide receiver Mike Wallace, who was cut by the Vikings following a disappointing season. Wallace upgrades the Ravens as a second deep threat opposite second year receiver Breshad Perriman, a role the Ravens were hoping Chris Givens would fill when they gave up a late round pick to acquire him from the St. Louis Rams last season. Givens was a disappointment for the Ravens, and late in the year he was passed on the depth chart by lower pedigree players like Jeremy Butler and Chris Matthews.

The signing of Wallace means that Givens is done as a Raven, so hopefully we will have more news like this:

With Givens likely to leave Baltimore, the timing of his departure will play a big role for a Ravens organization which places much value on compensatory picks. The undisputed compensatory pick kings, the Ravens currently are due zero additional picks for the 2017 draft after uncharacteristically signing unrestricted free agents Ben Watson and Eric Weddle. The hope is that either or both of Givens and Courtney Upshaw will sign with a team before the May 12th deadline (fomerly known as the June 1st free agency deadline), which would cause them to cancel out with one of the acquisitions and result in the Ravens retaining the 3rd round compensatory pick for top free agent Kelechi Osemele. The assumption is that this is what the Ozzie and the Ravens front office planned for, but should neither of those players sign with another team before May 12, the Ravens will have surprisingly relinquished a day 2 compensatory pick, in the first year those picks are trade-able.