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Highlights of the Mike Wallace Signing Press Conference

Baltimore now has Pittsburgh speed. Here's what he had to say at the introductory press conference.

To Mike Wallace, Purple is the new Black.

"We've got Black AND Purple," he laughingly said.

In the press conference to announce his addition to the Baltimore Ravens roster, Wallace was alongside an upbeat John Harbaugh and looked happier and more relaxed than in times past.

"I'm just happy to get back to doing what I do," he reasoned.

With reference to the Steelers he put it in terms of color. "I used to hate purple, now I love purple."  This got a laughing response from the reporters.

Wallace was very clear that he needed more from the Quarterback position.  "I need a good quarterback. A quarterback who is prove, who can get things done. Flacco, he's always been that guy. I've always loved his deep ball," he said. "Here, there is a Super Bowl caliber Quarterback in Flacco....what he does well, I do well."

He said that he already knew enough about the organization from the outside, looking in. "I knew this was the type of place that I could play."

He also admitted being envious of the deep balls that former Raven WR Torrey Smith would get from Flacco, "He would get, like, 8 of them in a row," Wallace joked. "Ben (Roethelisberger, Steelers QB) was my guy, but I was like, 'I need me some of that!'"

Coach Harbaugh added some interesting insight on Wallace being signed. "He changes the face of our offense immediately," he said. Teams are going to have trouble defending the Ravens deep threat, he added, rather happily.

Wallace spoke highly of Steve Smith, Sr., who was involved in the recruiting process. "Future Hall of Famer...if we were going to fight 80 guys, that me and him we'll fight all 80 together, That's the type of guy I need on my team. But just to have him call me and to know he wanted me to be a part of the team is great."

"Coach (Bobby) Ingram (Ravens WR Coach) is a really good guy, he sold me on it last night."

"Ultimately, I feel like this is the best spot for me."

Wallace has been known to play with a chip, and he might have already identified his for 2016: "I've been taking a lot of heat, for about three years in a row...I promise, we'll get the last laugh."

As soon as it becomes available, we will post the link to the full press conference on here.