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The Wallace Wait is over, Signing Imminent

An excited tweet from the Ravens brings more great news.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent receiver, former Steeler, still current deep threat Mike Wallace is about to become a Raven.

According to Baltimore, Wallace is in the building and meeting with important people.

This would not get tweeted out if there wasn't a lot of surety to it.

Wallace will add another level of speed to a rapidly upgrading Ravens offense. Consider this: Flacco, Wallace, Smith Sr., Perriman, Watson. That is only the pass aspect, not mentioning the full stable of RBs.

2016 is looking up, and the Ravens are winning Free Agency right now. Even the Raiders, who have done a good job signing players this offseason, have to admit that the playoff experience of the Ravens puts them ahead in the grand scheme.

Welcome to Ravens Nation, Mr. Wallace.

Greatness awaits.

Watch the Ravens Press Conference to sign Wallace here!