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Le'Veon Bell Tweets an Ironic Barb about the Ravens

The Pittsburgh RB takes the B'more signing of All-pro Safety Weddle as an opportunity to jab at the Ravens, leaving himself open for the counterpunch.

If Bell keeps talking, 33's secondary mate will be sure to enter a picture like this.
If Bell keeps talking, 33's secondary mate will be sure to enter a picture like this.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


So, let's pretend.

You're a star running back in the NFL.

But, you have been injured out of seasons enough to be called injury prone.

You have had to miss games because of substance abuse violations, hurting your team.

And, your team got swept by a depleted Ravens team.

How does that give you the high ground to cast insults?

Apparently, this logic does not resonate with Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell.

While it is understood that the Ravens/Steelers rivalry is ongoing and never takes a day off, it is fair to say that logic can be applied to the war of words in most public instances. They hate the Ravens. The Ravens hate them. Understood.

What is ironic about Bell's tweet is that his team got swept by the "Non-contending" Ravens, as a twitter poster mentioned in this very thread:

Bobileto, you rock.

Not just because of the snappy comeback, but because of the mere possibility that your name is "Bobileto." That's a football-brother name if I've ever heard one.

Bell missed this year's playoffs after getting inured in week 8 and being placed on injured reserve. This was after missing the first two games due to suspension. He previously missed games at the end of the 2014 season, including the Steelers' home 30-14 loss to the Ravens in the playoffs, due to injury as well. He had a foot injury that truncated his rookie season.

Regardless of his team's status, Bell has been unable to help their cause due to these injuries.

As far as casting barbs as a contender, one should consider that the Pittsburgh Steelers have won one playoff game since their Super Bowl loss in 2010.


That is hardly the definition of "contender."

I am not one to wish injury on anyone, so I do hope that Bell gets well soon. Heaven and Earth knows that he is a good player.

I also hope that he will pause and self-measure next time he gets the urge to give the Ravens bulletin board material.

In the fall, he might realize that this number 32 who just stoned him may be the very one who makes the Ravens a contender.