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Baltimore Ravens were aggressive in signing safety Eric Weddle

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens during this time of year during most seasons will sit back and let the free agent market dictate itself before the organization makes any serious moves. The Ravens like to see what other teams offer certain players before thinking about putting a hat in the ring. Well not this time. At least not with newly acquired safety Eric Weddle in the fold as he has agreed to sign with the Ravens on a four year deal worth 26 million dollars.

"I couldn't be more excited and pumped to be a part of a championship organization who wanted me from Day One," he wrote via text according to the The San Diego Union-Tribune

Despite the Ravens 5-11 record during the 2015 season, Weddle knows that the Ravens have a long history of winning and he certainly believes that the Ravens have a shot at winning another Super Bowl in the near future.

"They were the first offer," Weddle noted via The San Diego Union-Tribune. "Just the way they went about it. There is a reason why they're the Ravens - the culture, the winning - it just showed throughout the whole process."

The Ravens now go into the 2016 NFL Draft with the back end of its secondary at strong safety and free safety being set. The Ravens are likely to look for more help in the secondary, but at least the Ravens have more flexibility to attack the entire draft board.