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March Profile: Ravens RB Buck Allen

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of March through the end of the month, we will take a quick look at some of the key players for the Baltimore Ravens entering the 2016 season from where each key player stands in terms of the Ravens depth chart.

Ravens Runningback Buck Allen

Allen, in the absence of Justin Forsett, really shined for the most part in limited action for a rookie during the 2015 season with 137 carries for 514 yards and one touchdown. He did fumble twice down the stretch against the Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs at crucial times over the course of both games and had to be benched by Harbaugh in week 15 against the Chiefs. Allen didn't fumble since that game and got the picture.

Allen entering the 2016 season should probably get a lot of looks in terms of sharing the starting running back position with Forsett. Both players are solid runners and pass catchers, but the starting spot will probably come down to two things in the offseason: who can carry the ball better and who has better awareness in pass protection. Forsett has a good reputation in pass protection and as well as avoiding fumbles. But if Allen can pick up on blitzes and hold on to the football during the offseason, training camp between these two players in 2016 should get real interesting.

Allen 2015 Stats:

Games Played: 16

Rushing Attempts: 137

Rushing Yards: 514

Yards Per Carry: 3.8

Rushing Touchdowns: 1

Receptions: 45

Receiving Yards: 353

Receiving Touchdowns: 2