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Mike Wallace would compliment Baltimore Ravens offensive scheme

Hear me out...

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

With Mike Wallace visiting the Baltimore Ravens today, a true look at what Mike Wallace offers is necessary.

Mike Wallace is a speed receiver. The Ravens were desperate for this exact trait last year. Breshad Perriman didn't play a single NFL snap. We cannot count on him being a consistent threat until he becomes one. Simple as that.

Michael Campanaro is a very quick slot receiver. He cannot hit the go-routes nearly as often due to his size. Very talented, but another very injury prone receiver that Baltimore cannot rely upon.

The Baltimore Ravens searched out and the Ravens worked out a deal for Chris Givens last season for real speed; Hoping that Chris' speed may offer a missing ingredient. This team does need all faucets of an offensive scheme. The Ravens still have Steve Smith Sr., a complete product. Kamar Aiken is very much a possession body, capable of difficult, chain-moving catches. The lack of speed allowed safeties to 'cheat' up and pressure more, knowing Baltimore couldn't quite stretch the field enough.

Mike Wallace although up in age may still provide the piece necessary. It has been mentioned Baltimore will not be offering a high number deal. Ozzie and Eric aren't here to spend the big money.

Baltimore is a power run zone scheme. What you need for this to be successful:

  • Run blockers allowing a tailback to cut through the inside AND outside often
  • Tight Ends which can block and catch tough middle-of-the-field passes
  • Possession receivers able to make middle-of-the-field passes
  • Speed receiver to stretch the field, pulling safeties and corners from the middle ground, or catching them off-guard from the coverage on the inside.

The final bullet-point is mentioning the play-action bootleg passes. There are crossing routes among tight ends, receivers, and flat route back-field dump-offs. But included can arise a big opening when the safety or corner reads the run followed by a crossing route. Safety gets sucked in and Mike Wallace sprints to a Flacco deep pass.

Mike Wallace can create enough versatility to consistently build a successful drive.

We're not looking for a touchdown king, just a group of receivers capable of 10 yards every three downs. For the right price, Wallace could transition this offense to true balance.