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Looking deeper into the draft for cornerbacks

Options are aplenty if the Ravens pick a non-DB in the first round.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Pass-rush can be looked at as the Ravens biggest need. Joey Bosa, DeForest Buckner, and in trade down scenarios, Leonard Floyd and Noah Spencer are all viable options. In that becomes the case, it could be assumed that the secondary would be addressed in the second and third rounds. So if the Ravens don't get a top pass defender in the first, who do they look too in the following rounds?

Here are some of the best options that should be on the board come Day 2.

Eli Apple

Ohio State

6'2", 200lbs

Apple is an interesting evaluation. While he has the size and the speed to be a press corner, his ball skills are underdeveloped, probably due to the fact that he is a redshirt sophomore. He may develop them, following the career arc of our very own Jimmy Smith, but I expect teams to look at him as a Cover 2 corner, where he can use his physicality while keeping his eyes on the quarterback.

Kendall Fuller

Virginia Tech

5'11", 187 lbs

Fuller missed most of his junior season with a torn meniscus but his sophomore tape is strong enough to make a second round selection worth it. Fuller is extremely aggressive and rather stiff, making him vulnerable to double moves. I know Michael Thomas is aware of that. but contrary to Apple, Fuller's ball skills, as proven by his production are spectacular. As a sophomore, he recorded six interceptions and eleven pass deflections. Staggering. Fuller can get grabby downfield, but it is nowhere as big a detriment to his game as it is to Apple's.

Xavian Howard


6'0", 200 lbs

For a bigger corner, Howard's best attribute is his fluidity. It will allow him to play press and mirror receivers, which will in turn allow him to defend smaller (as long as they don't possess elite quickness) and bigger types. He does not lose speed when having to turn and run, making him a good fit for single high safety defenses employing Cover 1 and Cover 3 concepts. Howard can lose track of the ball at times, but his ball skills are more of an inconsistency than they are a clear-cut flaw.

Artie Burns


6'0", 193 lbs

Perhaps the best pure athlete of this group, Burns therefore poses the best upside. His body control is akin to that of wide receivers. Burns has broken a 38 year old record in the 100m hurdles.. It does not get any better . While his athleticism is off the charts, Burns too often fins himself relying on it to get out of bad positions. His technique is lax and uncoordinated and he will need time to acclimate himself to the league. His desire in run support can also be questioned.

Zack Sanchez


5'11", 185 lbs

Sanchez has seen his stock rise since the combine weigh ins. He's answered his size questions and now teams can match that to his rather impressive tape and monstrous production, which includes 13 interceptions over two years. Sanchez is a ball-hawking zone corner who will remind some of Asante Samuel. While his frame is rather small, he does not play afraid and quickly recognizes plays in front of him. He will give up plays underneath, since he is often playing off and is quick to backpedal.