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NFL Total Free Agency Roundup, with Grades

The Beatdown is your source for all of the 2016 Free Agency signings, featuring grades and relevant comments form ESPN's Bill Polian.

Exhaustive list of Free Agent Signings.
Exhaustive list of Free Agent Signings.

The following is the exhaustive list of free agent signings thus far in the 2016 NFL year. The grades at the end represent the opinion of NFL Hall-of-Fame Managerial type, Bill Polian, of You can find the original article here, but you will need a subscription to see additional details.

This list is sorted by grade first, name second.

Of note, Polian graded the Ravens' signing of Ben Watson with a very pedestrian 'C'. His Plus comments: "Still a smart and excellent receiver. Needs to play with an accomplished QB."

Also, of note, his 'B' grade of Kelechi Osemele seems less than enthralled as the money and the athlete himself appear to be with the Raider signing of the former Raven. "Power player who can play either tackle or guard well. Ankle might be an issue."

Before the exhaustive list, here is a list of solely the Friday transactions. They are sorted by the player's old teams. To see the new teams, look at the full list beneath.

Friday Free Agency Transactions:


Exhaustive Free Agent Signings 2016

Source: ESPN

Baltimore Beatdown will continue to cover NFL Free Agency with immediate updates of anything relevant to the Ravens.