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Browns officially release Johnny Manziel

The Manziel experiment is over.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns continue their streak of roster departures, as first round pick Johnny Manziel has been officially released today. The Browns announced that they were going to be parting ways with the former first round pick out of Texas A&M, but the league's rules made it so that the Browns would have to wait until the start of the league year to do so.

The first round pick rarely got much in the way of playing time during his Browns tenure, as he only started eight games, going 2-6 and throwing for 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns, and seven interceptions. Manziel spent the majority of his Cleveland tenure as the second or third string quarterback. The Browns decided to release Manziel shortly after reports surfaced  that cops were investigating whether he assaulted his former girlfriend.

The Cleveland Browns struck out yet again at quarterback. There's a fair likelihood that Cleveland will choose to try again at quarterback with the number two pick in the NFL Draft. There are rumors saying that teams are interested in the former Brown, but the Cowboys have claimed that they aren't interested in Manziel.