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2015 Compensatory picks to be announced today; Baltimore Ravens expect 4

The Ravens are the masters of attaining these extra picks...

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Ravens are the masters of garnering extra compensatory picks, and although it is sad to see players leave, they are a decent consolation prize. Last years class included Pernell McPhee, Torrey Smith, Owen Daniels, and Tyrod Taylor. The Ravens should be getting 3 or 4 picks for this class. Although the picks are usually not announced until the meetings at the end of March, it seems we will be getting them sooner this year.

Jason La Canfora tweeted the news yesterday:

Although La Canfora is mistaken and the league decided the picks cannot be traded until next year, it is exciting to know what additional picks we have.

Interestingly, Tyrod Taylor is a question mark despite a great season which had him as a Pro Bowl alternate. The primary factor in the formula is contract, and Taylor's contract would put him in on the outside looking in. However, there are adjustments for playing time and other incentives, although the exact impact of those factors is a source of speculation. There has never been a quarterback so outplay his contract in the compensatory pick era which began in 1994, leading to the uncertainty.

I asked our friends at, the source for Compensatory pick projections for the last several years for their thoughts on Tyrod and whether we will get a pick for him, but here is what they responded:

It ain't over until it's over, but I would not count on the Ravens getting a comp pick for Taylor.

However, Ravens cap guru Brian McFarland of RSR has a source which says the Front Office expects otherwise

So who will be right, the Ravens front office or the premier projectors of Compensatory picks? Overthecap doesn't claim to have 100% accuracy, since the actual formula is hidden and the projections include a lot of inference based on past trends. It will be interesting to see later today who is correct. A pick for Taylor would likely be no higher than a 6th rounder though, as his contract alone would only have the Ravens in line for a 7th round compensatory pick. Stay tuned!