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Baltimore Ravens and post-1999 Cleveland Browns share a franchise rushing leader

Jamal Lewis played for both teams, beginning his career in Baltimore and finishing it in Cleveland

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

In an interesting article entitled 20 things to know about tangled 20-year history of Browns-Ravens, Thomas Neumann of ESPN looks back at the past 2 decades since the Ravens left Cleveland. One cool tidbit which he included was the franchise leaders since the move, which included one name that appeared on both lists: Jamal Lewis.

Franchise rushing leaders since the move:

Top Ravens rusher: Jamal Lewis -- 7,801 yards.

Top Browns rusher: Jamal Lewis -- 2,806 yards.

Here is what Neumann had to say about Lewis:

Lewis leads both franchises in rushing since the Browns were revived.

In one of the most impressive rushing efforts in NFL history, Lewis memorably clobbered the Browns to the tune of 500 yards in 2003. He rushed for 295 yards at home on Sept. 14, setting an NFL record at the time. Lewis came back with 205 yards at Cleveland on Dec. 21, 2003. Those efforts helped him compile a league-leading 2,066 yards that season. Lewis rushed for 100-plus yards in a game against the Browns three other times during his career, and he enjoyed five seasons of 1,000-plus yards with the Ravens.

After spending the first six seasons of his career in Baltimore, Lewis defected to Cleveland for his final three. He didn't rush for 100 yards in any of the five games against his former team, but he did top the 1,000-yard mark twice with the Browns.

Jamal Lewis was an important Raven in his time in Baltimore. His defection to Cleveland did nothing to lessen the love of Lewis, and if not for his injury in 2001 the Ravens would have had a good chance at a repeat. His Browns career is but a footnote in the career of a very good player.