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Travis Benjamin leaves Cleveland Browns on a bad note

Is this a new thing?

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Benjamin last year was a #1 receiver for the Cleveland Browns. Forced into the starting role with Josh Gordon once again deciding drugs were more pleasurable than millions of dollars, Benjamin made the most of his opportunity, racking in a new deal with the San Diego Chargers. When asked about leaving Cleveland, Travis answered with:

Really classy Travis. Professionalism isn't everything, but my goodness you don't need to toss your old squad under the bus.

Maybe he means it by saying it is easy to mesh with a new team, but come on, say it with some level of courtesy.

Travis Benjamin and Kamar Aiken's stats last year are very similar as well, take a look:

Stats Receptions Yards Average Touchdowns
Kamar Aiken 75 944 12.6 5
Travis Benjamin 66 966 14.2 5

Clearly there aren't that many differences from Benjamin & Aiken, and I have no idea why he's acting so high and mighty insulting his former franchise of four years.