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Jacksonville Jaguars almost certainly selecting a defensive back ahead of the Baltimore Ravens

With Malik Jackson heading to Jacksonville, chances are that the Ravens won't have a chance to get Jalen Ramsey.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jacksonville Jaguars having multiple holes on defense coming into the offseason, it wasn't exactly clear what route they might go with their fifth pick, just one mere selection before the Ravens. At first, it was plausible that the Jaguars could select a lineman like DeForest Buckner, or even a linebacker such as Myles Jack. Of course, much to the ire of the Ravens, the team could also select a defensive back, namely Jalen Ramsey or Vernon Hargreaves.

It seems as if the latter is the most likely reality. Today it was announced that the team has agreed to a six-year $90 million contract with defensive lineman Malik Jackson. Formerly of the Broncos, Jackson was instrumental in leading the Broncos' league-best defense. Playing on over 75 percent of defensive snaps last season, Jackson was one of the team's most efficient defenders when it came to making an impact. Jackson, the Broncos fifth-rounder in 2012, recorded a new career high in tackles (45), and swatted down seven passes, also a career best. Most notably, Jackson recovered Von Miller's forced fumble for a touchdown in Super Bowl 50.

With Jackson and Sen'Derrick Marks, a good defender in his own right, on their line, the Jaguars are likely content with their pass rush for now. The attention now turns to their secondary, which was far from stellar last season. Adding a defensive playmaker such as Ramsey to their backfield is the move that makes the most sense for the Jaguars.

So what does this mean for the Ravens? While it would've already been a bit of stretch for Ramsey to last until pick number six, the news of Jackson's signing means that the Ravens and their fans need to brace for a pick that won't help out the secondary. Fans might not be getting the secondary prospect they want, but a player such as Jack or Buckner is a very worthy consolation prize.