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What it costs to Franchise Tag any position in the NFL

Helps the Ravens are tagging a kicker

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent news of Justin Tucker being franchise tagged by the Baltimore Ravens, I felt it was best to show what each position would cost if the Ravens were to tag another position instead due to contract discussions.

Cornerback $13,952,000
Defensive End $15,701,000
Defensive Tackle $13,615,000
Linebacker $14,129,000
Offensive Lineman $13,706,000
Punter/Kicker $4,572,000
Quarterback $19,953,000
Running back $11,789,000
Safety $10,806,000
Tight End $9,118,000
Wide Receiver $14,599,000

Clearly being involved with quarterbacks help. If you are a quarterback, you protect the quarterback, or you attempt to tackle the quarterback you are in good company. The big three being QB's at $19.9 million, DE at $15.7 million, and linebacker at $14.1 million.

I skipped wide receiver being top 3 because I expect the linebacker numbers to only rise with Von Miller's wonderful long term contract in the future. It may not be this season, but it will easily surpass the 14.6 mark. Is that fair? Probably not, because these are the numbers, but let's not act like Von Miller's contract won't help shatter the books. The possibility that Miller becomes the highest paid defensive player in NFL history is high. Obviously that will change the tag. Not this year, but soon.

The Ravens should be very happy that they only franchised Justin Tucker, as the money was in total $4.5 million. If the Ravens did finish a contract with Justin, the worry became tagging Kelechi Osemele and without the splits on guard, center, and tackle, the money becomes $13.7 million. A smart move to not hand over KO that much money. I don't like hearing the Ravens cutting Eugene Monroe and letting KO leave, but giving that much cash to Osemele is the wrong move.