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All teams re-imagined as famous foods, Baltimore is quite obvious, and the logo is adorable

Uproxx with the easiest and correct answer for the "former" Ravens

An enjoyable post from re-imagined every team to associate the name and logo with the most popular food from that specific area. As you can imagine, the re-imagined squad of Baltimore something very simple, and without a doubt correct.

"Baltimore Crab Cakes"

"This is one of the strongest name association dishes on the list -- everyone knows that Maryland is famous for its crab cakes. Less known: Baltimore residents don't need all your fancy sauces and garnishes. The typical crab cake is served with saltines and *maybe* a dash of Worcestershire."

Pretty much the nail on the head here. Not a single thing comes to mind instead of crab cakes. Maybe a slight argument on the fact that Old Bay is going to be involved on the crab cake. It's not a fancy sauce or garnish, it's *just* Old Bay. I may need to enjoy a crab cake within the few next days because even talking about them makes me want to eat an impressive and gluttonous amount.