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Top 20 Ravens - March 1.0

To kick off March, here is the first Top 20 Ravens list from Baltimore Beatdown of 2016.

Let's March into March with the latest version of the Top 20 Ravens currently on the roster.

The last time we met, we established the basis of Top 20 polls; the Pro Football Focus (PFF) gradings of the top players in 2015 from the team, and the preseason actual writer's poll that ESPN's Jamison Hensley took, compiling a list of the Top 20 Ravens, pre-season.

I have worked on my concoction and produced my own version of a list.

My list adds a strong third element to it: what I call the Leadership Poll. A personal ranking of players solely by leadership ability which has been displayed. Yes, part of leadership is vocal, because without being able to share a vision out loud, how is anyone supposed to follow? That could be Ray Lewis-style, or Steve Young-style. It does not have to be only one way. It just has to be aloud. In my valuation, the focus is team-centric--perhaps it could be called Most Valuable Ravens. I am more interested in who makes the team better, not who has the most talent. Football is a team sport.

Also, I dipped into the Pro Football Reference (PFRef) list of Approximate Value of all Ravens players, updated for the 2015 season. One must remember that this list takes into account the total contribution to the Ravens franchise over a tenure, so there are players that benefited more from past years, and players that have only had a couple of years to base the list on. Yet and still, it is a great tool to have. Here it is, for your perusal:

Courtesy Pro Football Reference

Again, PFRef has their own formula for this list, and it has to do with production * value * tenure.

With no further ado, here is the March 1st Top 20 Ravens list.



Now comes the important part.: what do YOU think?

Next time, we will have a "Celebrity" guest listing their top 20 Ravens list along with mine. Wouldn't you want yours published, too? If so, hit us up either in the comments section below or by going to the Facebook page for Baltimore Beatdown and posting it there. Give your reasons, even if it's only a few words. Let your list be known!