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Baltimore Ravens have 30-1 odds for Super Bowl 51

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

We have officially turned the page to the 2016 season, so where better to start than with the early Super Bowl 51 odds. The Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers lead the pack with 8-1 odds, and the Ravens are middle of the pack at 30-1, tied for 15th with the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

These modest expectations make sense at this point, as the Ravens front office has much work to do before they will be considered in the playoff mix. But the return of Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, former DPOY Terrell Suggs, and veteran wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. should not be underrated for a team that was ravaged by injuries and suffered many close losses.

Here are the odds for the entire NFL:

Odds To Win Super Bowl LI*
Seattle 8-1
New England 8-1
Pittsburgh 8-1
Green Bay 10-1
Arizona 10-1
Carolina 10-1
Cincinnati 14-1
Denver 14-1
Dallas 16-1
Minnesota 20-1
Indianapolis 20-1
Kansas City 20-1
New York Jets 30-1
Buffalo 30-1
Baltimore 30-1
Atlanta 40-1
Houston 40-1
New York Giants 40-1
Washington 40-1
Chicago 40-1
Detroit 40-1
New Orleans 40-1
Philadelphia 50-1
Tampa Bay 50-1
Los Angeles 50-1
Miami 50-1
Tennessee 50-1
Jacksonville 50-1
Oakland 50-1
San Diego 50-1
San Francisco 60-1
Cleveland 200-1
*Courtesy Westgate SuperBook