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Baltimore Ravens can rebound in 2016, few powerful AFC teams

Ravens are not their record

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

While the Ravens are sitting at the sixth overall pick in the NFL Draft, they clearly are better than their selection. With a 5-11 team you'd think the ground to cover from 6th overall to sixth in the AFC isn't possible, but the top heavy teams aren't unstoppable.

Ravens have a fair amount of obstacles, but they also have advantages. With 20 players on the injured reserved list last season (mostly starters), the Ravens are easily able to come back healthy. Joe Flacco, two and a half months in, walked across the field during Super Bowl 50's commemorative SBMVP walk. Steve Smith Sr. will be back from an achilles tear which kept him from breaking All-time NFL receiving records. Terrell Suggs will be back shredding left tackles. A first round draft pick receiver has the opportunity to finally play in the league.

While all so far has been sunshine, there is clearly some clouds, the cap situation being one. Flacco is due money, Ravens are still paying Dennis Pitta and Ray Rice. Webb's contract has gone sour and money hasn't been spent well lately. But Ozzie Newsome & Eric DeCosta aren't bad at all in this league, and plan to fix things for a big push come next season.

Ravens have one of the best tandem rushers in the league with Dumervil opposite of Terrell Suggs. the combined pass rush has a real opportunity to dominate, and clearly this league today shows both Hall of Fame pocket passers & dual threat quarterbacks don't stand a chance when pressure is under 3 seconds.