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All-time best NFL defense rankings quick to hand a crown to undeserved Broncos

Emotional fans and fresh off the win rankings aren't the best judgement

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Preface: The Denver Broncos defense, and what they had accomplished all season absolutely defines exactly the motto, "Defense wins championships". I am in no way discounting what they did, with that said I'm not happy to see over-eager Denver fans self-entitle themselves #1 in history.

Fresh off an amazing and dominant defensive performance people are very quick to judge what has happened here on an All-Time level. While this squad is deserving to stand in the region, they clearly are not the best ever, and should not be placed among the 2000 Ravens defense.

Friends from Mile High Report are clearly excited, but pump the brakes.

It's one thing to use different synonyms for greatness, but to say THE greatest is another, and even today there are arguments for best ever. Discussions among seperate era's in history, as well as factors and variables in a different variety, but case in point, a website dedicated to the Baltimore Ravens will clearly be arguing for the Ravens over the Denver Broncos.

The 2006 Ravens defense was historically one of the best, and also statistically, but without a championship it was all for naught.

But the 2000 Ravens, led by Defensive Player of the Year, and also Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis clearly was a better team than the 2015 Broncos.

Statistic 2000 Ravens 2015 Broncos Advantage
Points per game allowed 10.3 18.5 Ravens
Total points allowed 165 296 Ravens
Differential 168 59 Ravens
3rd down %age allowed 34.1% 35.2% Ravens
Opp. Yards per carry 2.7 3.3 Ravens
Total Rushing yards allowed 970 1337 Ravens
Total Passing yards allowed 2997 3193 Ravens
Sacks 35 52 Broncos
Turnover Ratio +23 -4 Ravens
Quarterback Trent Dilfer Father time Peyton Manning Ravens
Post-season 3rd down %age allowed 20% 16.7% Broncos
Post-season sacks 14 14 TIE
Post-season points allowed 23 44 Ravens
Touchdowns allowed 2 4 Ravens
Post-season Yards allowed 837 1047 Ravens
Turnover Ratio +10 +4 Ravens
Post-season Opp. Yards per carry 3.1 3.9 Ravens
Post-season total rush yards allowed 258 247 Broncos
Post-season total pass yards allowed 579 800 Ravens

*One touchdown was a return touchdown on special teams, albeit either way it's still in the Ravens favor.
All post-season stats have the Ravens including the Wild-Card game for a total of 4 games compared to Ravens 3 games

The 2000 Ravens without a doubt demolish any doubts of the 2015 Orange Rush Broncos thoughts on being the Greatest defense ever. The Ravens drug Trent Dilfer to the Super Bowl and won. The Broncos had old man Manning.

The post season stats are all skewed in the Broncos favor, and even then they "won" only one category. Post-season sacks does flip to the Broncos. The differential margin also lowers for the Ravens, yet still stays with the Ravens advantage.

Two things are for certain, both the Ravens and Broncos were formidable defenses in the NFL. And the 2000 Ravens defense is clearly better.