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Why I Will Never Root for Gary Kubiak

It may be the politcally expedient thing to do to congratulate ex-Raven Coordinator Gary Kubiak for his success in Denver, but I don't care. Here's why I don't.

Who is the head coach here?
Who is the head coach here?
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I see people doing the publicly proper thing, whether they really mean it or not, and congratulating Denver Coach Gary Kubiak for making it to the Super Bowl, for such a great season, for pursuing a dream. As a good sport and Raven fan, I should join in.

Cue Lee Corso. Right here.

There was a film in the mid 80's called "Turk 182," about a sophomoric 20 year old who thwarted a bigwig political race because he exposed a secret alliance. The crowds in the candidates' debates were chanting, "Zimmerman flew and Tyler knew!"

Folks, Zimmerman flew, and Tyler knew. Kube 182.

I do not, for one second, believe that Kubiak had the intention of staying in Baltimore. I do not, for one second, believe that Kubiak did not know that the Denver job would come open. I believe that he used Baltimore as a cushy landing spot where he could get paid but not take the heat should things collapse.

I don't know if it was his prideful demeanor as he prowled the sidelines. I don't know if it was that snarky squint on his face 95% of the time. I just know that I never trusted him. It took me months to believe that he even respected Harbaugh. (To his credit, I eventually did become convinced that he respected and submitted to Harbaugh.)

Then, there's the matter of Denver.

He and John Elway worked together for years. They became close friends. They worked together again in their 2nd careers, the one hiring the other as an assistant. Do you talk to your best friend frequently? Especially if you work in the same field? How is it anywhere close to feasible that Elway didn't tell Kubiak that they were considering a coaching change if that 2014 season didn't work out?

This is not new, I was talking about it when it happened:

I believe that Elway told Kubiak that they were going to make a change, and to be ready. The key is, it happened a YEAR before the change came. Yes, I believe Elway was ready for the change after the Seattle Super Bowl blowout, but had a number of obstacles, along with rough timing for Kubiak (poor season in Houston and fired), to pull it off.

I believe Rick Dennison, Kubiak's then Offensive Coordinator, came across this Ravens opportunity and saw it as a chance to keep the band together for a year. So, yes, he must have also known. He got Kubiak involved, they went and met Harbaugh at his house, and the bridge was built.

They were never, ever going to stay.

I'm just sad that some stupid New England shenanigans stopped the Ravens from going all the way. Because had they gone to the Super Bowl last year, it would have been worth losing Kubiak.

Deflated balls and illegal formation executions later, it was not worth it.

Of course, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Maybe I'm being trite.

I know one thing: I will never root for him. Nice guy, bad business.