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Rooting for the Ex-es? Dumervil and Smith reveal their loyalties for the Super Bowl

Would you be able to root for the company that fired you? I wouldn't. See what Elvis Dumervil and Steve Smith, Sr. say a about the Super Bowl 50 participants, their former employers.

Smith, Sr. and Dumervil show no regrets for leaving their former teams. But can they root for them?
Smith, Sr. and Dumervil show no regrets for leaving their former teams. But can they root for them?

First of all, it must be tough for a player to leave a city, under not-so-great circumstances, and then see them advance to the Super Bowl. This is the exact circumstance for Ravens' Steve Smith Sr. and Elvis Dumervil. Smith was a Carolina Panther for 13 years before having a bitter departure and disagreement with Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman. Dumervil was a Denver Bronco for 6 seasons before having a Fax faux-pause mess up his re-signing and enable him to move to the East Coast.

So, as those two ex-teams face off in Palo Alto for the World Championship of football, who will these men be rooting for?

Dumervil sees nothing different about this day, partially as self-motivation to make it special in the future.

"It's just a regular Sunday for me. Unless I'm in it, it's just a regular Sunday," he told's Ryan Mink.  His rooting interest is personal and not corporate. "Von (Miller) is like a younger brother. So I hope he wins one for him. Outside of that, man, it's just a regular Sunday."

Smith seems a little more willing to support his former team as a whole.  His tweet shortly after their NFC Championship win shows it:

He has stopped short of fully endorsing the Panthers, though, saying while on the "Dan Patrick Show" that it could be a closer game than people think.

"I wouldn't be surprised if [the Panthers] ran away with it," Smith noted. "But the Denver Broncos do have a solid defense and it's going to be interesting to see what kind of game plan and how effective they will be."

After the 28-point Ravens blowout of the Panthers in 2014, and Smith's on-field reaction after scoring two touchdowns in that contest, it is hard to see him 'hunky-dory' about a Panthers win.

It is indubitable that, no matter the outcome, this game will fuel his fire for a super final season.