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2016 Baltimore Beatdown Super Bowl Predictions

The staff has their picks for the big game.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is here and with it are the big game predictions from your Baltimore Beatdown staff. The Panthers have been the favored team to win the Super Bowl and we agree, as six of us have the Panthers winning tonight, while only one of us took the Broncos.

Here's the predictions:

Yitzi Weiss:

Panthers 31, Broncos 16.
Broncos defense is stout, limiting the Panthers offense to 10 points before the half, keeping it close 10-6. But the Panthers run offense with Cam & Stewart is too much for the Broncos to overcome in the second half, as the Pant
hers adjust and run it down their throats in the 3rd quarter to take a commanding lead which they do not relinquish. Super-Cam finishes with 275 yds passing, 1 passing and 1 rushing TD, named MVP.

Vasilis Lericos:

DEN 17, CAR 16....Peyton hits Sanders on a go route to open their first scoring drive. Newton throws an early pick on an overthrow intended for Olsen. Newton finds running room to extend multiple drives but has to settle for repeated field goals. Hillman breaks a long run for a touchdown right before the half. Kuechly takes another INT to the house early in the second half to pull CAR closer. But Denver's pass defense harasses Newton and keeps him out of the end zone. Von Miller forces a strip sack for the game sealing field goal and wins SB MVP in the process.

Chris Brown:

This one has different tacks that can be taken. It's touch and go. I will say this: had Peyton announced his retirement to his team, they would have rallied for him. To hold on to it, even if his reasoning is selfless, is a fuel-sapper. We saw Ray Lewis use it as a tool to lead. Denver would need the extra push, because this Carolina team is a juggernaut. The game will resemble the other playoff games for Carolina, with their scoring early and often. Cam Newton will dab and dance before the World, ushering in the Era of Cam as the new face of the league. Manning will not go down without a fight, but it will prove too little, too late for the Sheriff. Cam will be the man....that is, until Baltimore throttles him next year. Carolina 34 Denver 24

Brian Malan:

Panthers 26 - Broncos 21

Wola Odeniran:

I got the Panthers winning this one 28-20 over the Broncos. I know the talk has been about the defenses from both sides of the ball but I think Cam Newton and Peyton Manning will score some points.

Nathan Beaucage:

Panthers 31, Broncos 21. The Broncos choke in their second Manning-era Super Bowl. The Panthers have been simply unstoppable in these playoffs, toppling some of the league's best in spectacular fashion. It seems as if the Broncos will be the next victim of the Panthers' stellar balanced attack.

Chuck Mills:

Panthers 28, Broncos 9. Super Cam will continue his heroics, throwing two touchdowns against the Denver defense and running for another. Peyton's feeble arm will result in multiple turnovers, one of which will be a pick-six by Luke Keuchly to end Peyton's career with another Super Bowl embarrassment and the Lombardi will go to Charlotte for the first time. To the surprise of none, Cam will be the MVP.