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Dark Horse Super Bowl MVP's: Broncos

A list of non Peyton Manning likely Super Bowl MVP's.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos played through a seesaw regular season that saw both quarterbacks fight through their ups and downs in terms of Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler. But nevertheless, on the back of their consistently awe-inspiring defense, they've carved their way to the Super Bowl. Excluding Peyton Manning, for the fact that he is the quarterback, though he could be argued to he himself be a unlikely mvp candidate, here are a few dark horse candidates to win the award.

Broncos RB C.J. Anderson:

The Broncos offensive line face a tough task trying to move Carolina's defensive tackles, but C.J Anderson should get the carries. He is the more physical of the two Bronco running backs between him and Ronnie Hillman. And since Carolina's defense cannot be matched with speed, Ronnie Hillman should not be expected to be effective.

Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders:

He is the wide receiver who will not be facing Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. Panthers cornerback Robert McClain, lined up across from Norman, can be taken advantage of. The Broncos will have to attempt to loosen up Carolina's offense, so Sanders could get his opportunities on nine routes early in the game. If he wins and delivers big plays, it will go a long way towards delivering a victory to Denver.

Broncos OLB Von Miller:

Not truly a dark horse candidate but a defensive player nonetheless, Miller will draw isolation opportunites against the Panthers offensive tackles. Couple that with the fact that Carolina often runs slow developing pass plays, one could assume that Miller is ripe to make big plays. The Panthers, however, do max protect a fair bit so it would not be surprising to see Miller, in some instances, be tripled teamed.