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Baltimore Ravens fans, relive Super Bowl 47 once again

Harry How
Harry How
Getty Images

With all of the festivities going on in the NFL leading up to Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, 30 fanbases around the NFL feel a bit left out. That's the way it always is every year. Two teams go to the big game and there will be only one winner. The Baltimore Ravens know what it is like to be standing tall at the very end of the season. The Ravens have won it all twice in the last 16 seasons. The latest being against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47 as the Ravens came out on top 34-31.

Now, you get to see the entire game once again if you haven't already. The flow of the game during the Super Bowl for the Ravens kind of summarized their 2012 season. The Ravens started the season out strong with a 9-2 record just like the Ravens started the Super Bowl off hot with a 28-6 lead. Then, towards the end of the regular season, the Ravens lost three games in a row and everything was spiraling out of control just like the 49ers outscoring the Ravens 25-6 in the second half.

The Ravens only needed one more win down the stretch to reach the postseason in week 16 that year against the New York Giants and the Ravens got the win. It was just like the Ravens needing one more field goal to put themselves in good shape against the 49ers late in the fourth quarter and the Ravens did that as well. The Ravens went through a lot of things that season and they proved that their mental toughness was second to none in the league.

Enjoy the game!