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Is Laquon Treadwell the answer for the Baltimore Ravens at sixth overall?

A young receiving combo maybe worth it to the Ravens offense?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

While most mock drafts are debating whether the Ravens go defensive back, tackle, or defensive end, I am currently riding the Laquon Treadwell train. Another Q for the offense, another tough receiver for Flacco to hit with the third down conversions. It's never good to judge a receiver by the highlights videos, but you can't help but get a little excited.

The Baltimore Ravens have suffered without a true #1 receiver for years. A post a couple days ago shows the Ravens have NEVER sent a wide receiver to the Pro-Bowl. Maybe with a receiving corps of Steve Smith Sr., Breshad (phantom) Perriman, and Laquon Treadwell that streak could finally come to a 21 year stop. Hell, even Flacco may make it as a real Pro-Bowl QB since Steve McNair.


  • Big receiver at 6' 3" & 224 lbs.
  • Gritty, and uses his size appropriately
  • Can make the 50-50 catches.
  • Run blocking is in his wheelhouse
  • Acceptable speed - could go for deep routes to screen passes


  • Not a lightning quick receiver. I don't expect a 4.4 40 time.
  • Route running isn't perfect. Breaks are rounded off at times
  • Acceleration is lacking in areas, in and out of breaks is more of a transition than explosion.
  • Broke his leg in 2014, but 2015 season came back without a hitch.

Laquon's great size and hands are absolutely something the Ravens would love, especially with Sssr leaving next season. Two young and strong receivers could change the offense from good to great. From one star receiver being double covered to "pick your poison" attack. With 82 catches for 1153 yards and 11 TD's he's an absolute improvement over any receiver on the roster not named Smith.

While I haven't seen his name crack the top five, I've easily read multiple groups above the Ravens wanting him, including the Tennessee Titans. They know how great of a prospect Bosa, Tunsil, and Treadwell are, the reason he's not in the conversation is because Tennessee absolutely needs to either protect the franchise QB Marcus Mariota, or take down the oppositions QB with Joey Bosa at the edge.

Teams that are selecting before the Ravens all don't have a true needs elsewhere with talents in the range

Tennessee: Protect the franchise QB or a pass rush | acquire WR later

Cleveland: QB QB QB QB QB QB QB QB | acquire WR later

Chargers: Protect the franchise QB or a pass rush | No glaring hole for WR

Cowboys: Pass rush, or new QB from all the mocks I've read | See: Dez Bryant

Jaguars: With Dante Fowler Jr coming back, they need CB | Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson no WR need

Ravens: Breshad Perriman coming back, but two real threats for Flacco for 3 guaranteed years is something special.

Last time Joe had two "real threats" Torrey Smith & Anquan Boldin with a good tight end they won a Super Bowl. This is the same scenario. Burner receiver in Breshad Perriman. Strong big body receiver with LaQuon Treadwell. Crockett Gillmore as a big talented tight end. Oh yeah, and Steve Smith Sr. in the slot embarrasing cornerbacks.

Overall the Ravens have a lot of needs, but I surely wouldn't be upset if the Ravens decided to select Treadwell at the sixth pick in the NFL Draft.