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Baltimore Ravens an NFL Mock Draft mystery at sixth overall

Still cloudy says the forecast

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While all the fans are split on whether or not to replace Eugene Monroe, pick another weapon for Flacco, or deciding on a defensive back to help in the secondary, the big name mock drafts are in the same boat. Taking a look the selections up to the Ravens go as follows.

Pick #
Kiper Rueter Zierlein Brooks Jeremiah
1. TEN Joey Bosa DE Laremy Tunsil OT Laremy Tunsil OT Laremy Tunsil OT Joey Bosa DE
2. CLE Jared Goff QB Jared Goff QB Jared Goff QB Jared Goff QB Jared Goff QB
3. SD Laremy Tunsil OT Ronnie Stanley OT DeForest Buckner DE Ronnie Stanley OT Laremy Tunsil OT
4. DAL DeForest Buckner DE Carson Wentz QB Joey Bosa DE Joey Bosa DE Carson Wentz QB
5. JAX Jalen Ramsey CB Jalen Ramsey CB Jalen Ramsey CB DeForest Buckner DE
6. BAL Ronnie Stanley OT Joey Bosa DE Ronnie Stanley Vernon Hargreaves CB Jalen Ramsey CB

At this point nobody is agreeing on who the Ravens end up selecting. I know I'd love to see Joey Bosa playing with the Ravens, and any corner-back help would be amazing at this point with Jimmy Smith not skilled enough to cover three receivers simultaneously. Ronnie Stanley if true to the film I've observed could hold steady (and healthy) for many years. One of the most interesting drafts in years, mainly because the pick is a top 10 for the first time since Terrell Suggs.