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Baltimore Ravens quarterback's favorite TV show growing up?

Which show do you think the Ravens quarterback chose?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens quarterback is an extremely reserved player, which bodes well for his performance on the field, but makes him seem aloof to fans. While many are happy with a quarterback who wins, and stays out of trouble, others may feel they want to know the face of the franchise better.

So the use of the TeamFlacco twitter account for some "getting to know you better" trivia about Flacco is welcome:

So which did Flacco choose?

My guess from the answer, and the posting of the Eric Foreman character in response (played by Topher Grace), that the Ravens quarterback identified with this specific character. This would make sense, as the character was a gangly, awkward teenager who, like Flacco, did not exactly exude charisma. However, he is a lovable, affable individual who you just cannot help to like, much like our beloved Ravens quarterback.

Here is hoping that Trivia Tuesday is a new fixture in our twitter feeds and our lives, so we can gain more insight into our lovable, but slightly reclusive quarterback and father of 4!