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Coach John Hairball's Bengals and Ben Roethlis-Purr-Ger to square off in Kitten Bowl III

Hairball v. Roethlis-Purr-Ger. It's one for the ages.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In what is widely regarded as the biggest game in the animal kingdom, the Kitten Bowl kicks off this Sunday, and it has one of the greatest rivalries in Kitten Bowl history taking place.

Coach John Hairball of the North Shore Bengals is facing off against Ben Roethlis-Purr-Ger of the Last Hope Lions in this year's big game. Last year's contest featured stars like Ben Catspunberger, Joe Fluffo, and Terrell Snuggs, but they couldn't get out of the doghouse this season, and are left on the sidelines for this one.

The football mastermind that is Coach Hairball has been absolutely spoiled this year with star receiver Jerry Mice. Mice's play has been nothing short of 'fur-nominal', and there's no doubt that Hairball is going to air it out and fight Roethlis-Purr-Ger's talented arm with his own 'fur-midable' passing attack.

The sparks should fly between the league's leader in touchdown 'pawses' and the Kitten League coaching legend. It's one of those legendary quartercat-coach battles that should go down in Kitten League lore.

Another noteworthy tandem to watch out for is the combination of Rob Gron-Cat-Skit and Coach Bill Beli-Cat. The practically unfair combo is leading the Home & Family Felines to what they hope to be a Kitten Bowl victory.

If you want to watch the real big game this Sunday, tune in to Hallmark Channel at 12:00 EST PM this Sunday. It's going to be 'furr-ocious'.