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M&T Bank Stadium provides the second best game day experience in the entire NFL

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

In a season filled with disappointment in 2015, the Baltimore Ravens came out with a high ranking that everyone should be proud of. M&T Bank stadium was ranked second among the best gameday experiences around the NFL according to

The ranking took into account food, beverage, neighborhood, atmosphere and fans among other things. For the Ravens to be ranked that high in a season that ended with a 5-11 record is actually pretty impressive. Ravens fans were obviously hyped for their team no matter what, and they were respectful towards other visiting fans for the most part as well.

Here are a couple of notes about what Stadium Journey had to say about the food and beverage as this category received a five star rating:

The Ravens have done a good job of improving the concession stands around the stadium. There are many stands offering options such as beer for $8.25 to $11, depending on the size and brand. Bell's famous chili bowl ($6), Papa John's pizza ($8), stadium dogs ($5) are all nice options. Many stands tend to have generic names, such as Goal Line Grill, Kickoff Classics and the Chesapeake Market.

Here is what Stadium Journey also said about the neighborhood as this category received a four star rating:

The Inner Harbor is a popular tourist destination, and is a short walk from Camden Yards. There are numerous options here but will be expensive and more touristy. If you do want a reasonable option here, look for the value of the M&S Grill (201 E Pratt Street in the Pratt Street Pavilion of Harborplace) happy hour, as it is considered the best in town.

Baltimore is home to many touristy attractions, such as Harborplace, Fells Point and Fort McHenry.

I wanted to point out the neighborhood part considering a lot of people outside of Maryland are uneducated about Baltimore's surroundings by equating every part of the city as a dangerous area.

All in all, Ravens fans have proven that they are one of the best fans in the world. When the team is down, they continue to cheer and that goes a long way in terms how people in the Ravens organization notice them and the way potential free agents will notice them as well.