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2016 NFL Offseason - Free Agent Breakdown: Courtney Upshaw

A tricky situation lies ahead for the Baltimore Ravens with the veteran linebacker

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While Courtney Upshaw may come cheaper than the average outside linebacker, one must question what he and his type of linebacker is truly worth in today's NFL.

After posting a grand sack total of 2 in a contract year, the Ravens will have to decide whether to keep riding with a rather consistent but unspectacular player, or look to the draft, attempting to upgrade the SAM linebacker position.

Upshaw is a safe bet to be a reliable edge setter. But due to previous results, that is all that can be expected.

A player that is strictly one dimensional towards the run puts the defense down to ten men in passing situation.

On top of that, weighing 275 pounds, Upshaw does not provide any pass rush from the three technique position.

The Ravens have a decision to make. One could expect Upshaw's to figure about $3 million a year, a fair price for rotational players.

We will find out if affordable value offsets substandard play, or if the Ravens decide to go the route of a more well rounded player.