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Za'darius Smith already putting in work for the 2016 season

Ravens outside linebacker working to get better now, rather than later

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the Ravens squad is re-habbing, since there was, you know, 20+ players on Injured Reserved list, Za'darius Smith is training and pushing himself for the next season. The Baltimore Ravens linebacker knows he needs to continue where he left off.

The first 12 games of the Baltimore Ravens season there were questions of whether Z. Smith was a good draft pick. A little impatient Ravens fans were, but with the terrible start to the year everybody was wanting to point the finger. Only 2 sacks through the first twelve matches, although those two were in a wonderful victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The last 3 games Za'darius more or less "figured it out" with 3.5 sacks in three games, all three being AFC play-off s teams to boot.

With Terrell Suggs nursing a second Achilles injury, and Elvis Dumervil also not young by any means, we all can't help but love the news of Za'darius pushing himself before the entire season is through, hoping for the hard work to translate.