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Steve Smith Sr. on single leg talks of racing Peyton Manning

Steve Smith Sr. had jokes on the Dan Patrick show

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It'd be a photo finish

Steve Smith Sr. joked on the "Dan Patrick Show" last week. The question being whether or not he could outrun Peyton Manning with him currently recovering from a torn Achilles.

The discussion continued when they brought up The Sheriff's first down run against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. Even better stat, brought up by Jamison Hensley, "That was Manning's longest post-season run since January 2000, which was a year before Smith played in the NFL."

Personal believe, Steve Smith Sr. would race Manning using both hands and the one good leg, clawing and digging into the turf to outright win the race, no photo finish necessary.

More realistic questions were also discussed, and he was asked whether he'd like to catch passes from Manning or Cam Newton if they were both at their peak.

"Peyton at his peak, he had Marvin Harrison. If you put Marvin Harrison on the other side of me, I ain't catching any passes. I'm just going to be honest with you. Ask Reggie Wayne how that worked out in his first couple of years. Cam Newton brings an element and he makes everyone better, So, you have two guys to choose from. Obviously, Cam Newton."

No surprise in my book as he even played with Cam Newton, and although the separation between the franchise and Smith Sr. didn't go as planned, I bet he still garners feelings for his former team and players.

He also predicts that the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50, edging out the Broncos on Sunday.

We won't be able to find out if Steve is right or wrong for five more days.