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Ravens carrying over about $1.5 million in cap space from last season

Thanks to some thriftiness from the front office, the Ravens get some much-needed breathing room.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the Ravens trying to figure out how to keep Justin Tucker and Kelechi Osemele around, and restructuring Joe Flacco's contract all at the same time, cap space is tight for the organization at the moment. The Ravens are playing a game of Tetris with their team's contracts and cap, but thankfully some alleviation is coming in the form of a rollover from last season.

Thanks to the NFLPA's Collective Bargaining Agreement with the league, each team is entitled to carry over its unused cap space from the previous season. This extra money can be added to the team's cap for the next season. This season, each team elected to rollover their extra cap space. The extra monies ranged from just $11,587 for the Seattle Seahawks, to $32,774,928 for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Baltimore is taking a meager but crucial sum of $1,633,944 extra with them to the next season.

Here is the full graphic, courtesy of the NFL Players' Association.