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Justin Forsett's contract is safe, staying for 2016 season Harbaugh says

While the contract is safe, is Forsett's starting position?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With John Harbaugh all but pinky-promising the media it looks that Justin Forsett will continue his career with the Baltimore Ravens. The 30 year old back had a small possibility to become a cap casualty with the Ravens being dead last in salary cap space. In total the Ravens had but $6.53 million left after the entire years adjustments, courtesy of

If Forsett were to be cut, the Ravens save $2.3 million, rather than taking the $1.17 million cap hit. But Forsett's vision, cut, and overall tailback talent is worth more than the spare change.

Questions have arised about whether Forsett will be top of the depth chart come this seasons start, or by the end of the season itself. Forsett is 30 years old, and by the midway point of the season turns 31. He does not have the same wear-and-tear as other runners, but age does hit hard after 30. By then will Javorius Allen or even Lorenzo Taliaferro take the lead role? The Ravens also have tailbacks Terrence West & Trent Richardson whom have starter quality skills. There is a possibility that any of the other four young hungry backs start putting everything together and Harbaugh's words bode well for any of them.

"He understands everything we're doing inside and out. I love him," Harbaugh spoke, "But we're going to put the guy out there that is gaining the most yards."

Anybody has the chance to become the Ravens lead running back, and this should spark confidence in the fans. If the Ravens want the best one on the field, the fans know the best one will be started. It won't be a popularity contest.