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Update 3/6/2016: Peyton Manning Reportedly to Announce Retirement on Monday

A Denver Post Columnist has Made the last Manning Interception.

Fare thee well, Peyton. Feel free to pass the mantle on to Flacco. The winning part, that is.
Fare thee well, Peyton. Feel free to pass the mantle on to Flacco. The winning part, that is.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Woody Paige is going for another 1-up.

Only this time, it's not for the ESPN program Around the Horn; it's at the expense of the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning.

Paige reported in his Denver Post column Saturday night that he was told that Peyton Manning would retire by the end of this coming week, and would not be signing with another team.

Because of NFL regulations, Paige reported, Manning had only a month to deliberate his decision, but "he already had indicated to family and close friends, and Bill Belichick, that this most likely was his last rodeo."

Bill Belichick? Interesting.

The decision wasn't solidified, according to Paige, until Manning had a meeting at John Elway's home last week.

He also said that it is "implausible" that Manning will sign with another team.

The Broncos Vice President  of Public Relations, Patrick Smyth, responded to this claim with a tweet:

It is not uncommon in situations like this for a press member to get a "scoop" on a happenstance, and then the team involved issues a prompt denial. Just one year ago, news broke that Gary Kubiak could be leaving the Baltimore Ravens, and the Ravens released a statement saying that he would be staying. So did Kubiak. This may have been different, in that the Ravens didn't really know that he was leaving.

But someone did. Read more here.

Therefore, credence can be put in longtime journalist Paige, and his report.

Manning must make a decision before March 9th,the beginning of the new League year; he must also take a team physical by Friday, March 4th if he plans on returning.

Broncos General Manager John Elway acknowledged the meeting that Paige referenced prior to this article, on Thursday during an NFL Combine interview, according to's Austin Knoblauch. ""I met with Peyton a couple nights ago and we had a good talk," Elway said, "As I said after the game, we'll give him as much time as he needs."

Update 3/6/2016: Manning will Announce retirement on Monday 3/7/2016

Manning has reportedly decided to call it a career. After speculation after speculation on whether or not Manning would want to play another season, he will decide to go out on top as a Super Bowl champion.

If, indeed, a decision has been made, every football fan can start the 5-year countdown clock to Peyton's eligibility to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It has been that kind of career.