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Ravens reportedly close to a new deal with Flacco

They could get some needed cap space

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably heard some unknowledgeable fan talking about Joe Flacco's contract, blaming him for whenever the team let someone get overpaid by another team. As we all know, Flacco's contract won't actually balloon turn into a problem until 2016. However, the Ravens and Joe Flacco are reportedly close to a new deal.

Reports have been surfacing that the Ravens and Joe Flacco are close to a new deal that will surely lower his $28 million cap hit in 2016 and for the foreseeable future. The Ravens met with Flacco's agent at the Combine yesterday and they are expected to meet again this weekend. A new Flacco deal would likely be an extension of the deal that the Ravens signed in 2012 that currently goes through 2018. The increase in salary cap space might help the Ravens bring back Kelechi Osemele and it would definitely help the sign Justin Tucker, who was tagged recently.

Will a new deal between Flacco and the Ravens help out big time? Yes. Will it mean that Flacco will be a Raven for life? Maybe. Will it silence the critics? No, but the opinions of people that ignore the facts don't really matter.