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Joe Flacco contract talks are moving well

The Ravens have met with Flacco's agent Joe Linta and talks have been positive.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the biggest and most important step in the Ravens offseason is to extend Joe Flacco's contract to lower his cap number. The Ravens are off to a good start.

Signs are encouraging. A Flacco re-structure could help the Ravens free up to nine million dollars in cap space which would in turn, without doubt, help the Ravens re-sign more of their own and potentially add free agents.

It might come as a bit of surprise that Flacco's agent Joe Linta and the Ravens are so keen on negotiating, as Linta and the Ravens had trouble getting the first deal done following the 2012 season and the subsequent Super Bowl victory.

It's good to see them on the same page. If Flacco extends his idea and lowers his cap number, everybody wins.