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Keith Marshall Steals Day Three Of Combine

The Georgia Bulldogs running back could see his draft stock soar.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Marshall is a name that is not nearly as big as it might have been. Part of the Georgia Bulldogs 2012 recruiting class, he was the prize recruit fans were the most excited about, not fellow recruit Todd Gurley.

They went on to share carries in their freshmen seasons, with Marshall often looking the more explosive of the two. Take that in for a second. A running back more explosive then Todd Gurley. I can personally vouch for that as well, as I can recall Marshall ripping off long runs without problems.

And then Marshall fell off the face of the earth. A torn ACL the following season, and the arrival of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel saw Marshall fall down the depth chart.

But Marshall re-emerged this past college season, with Chubb going down. Adding weight and maintaining his explosiveness, Marshall put together a solid season that saw him average 5.1 yards per carry.

He is a patient runner, who knows went to accelerate and showcases good vision, which makes him a good fit in a zone scheme, specifically in the Ravens scheme.

But Marshall's calling card is speed. Pure speed. It was on display at the combine, as he blazed through the forty yard dash to the tune of 4.29 seconds.

That alone should be enough to find him drafted, and if he were to stay healthy, it is not unwise to see him  as a projected starter.

If the Ravens were to draft him on day three, (Ozzie Newsome please do) he would provide explosiveness to an offense who is in dire need of it.

And who knows, with his skill set, it would not surprise anybody if he were to take over two or three years from now.